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Why is TIME MAGAZINE Catholic Bashing?

Recently TIME MAGAZINE has shown its explicit hatred for the Catholic Church. Yes, TIME MAGAZINE made Pope Francis MAN OF THE YEAR so that they could use him as a Cat’s Paw in their political engenders to drive a wedge between forty million Catholic Americans. TIME MAGAZINE praises Pope Francis while denigrating Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict by contrasting these three popes’ ministries.

TIME MAGAZINE, which is a corporate entity, ruled by godless CEOs, emphasis was to point out Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict’s doctrinal teachings where Pope Francis spends a great deal of time with the social aspects of the Church. Well it seems to me that all the popes involve themselves with social issues, which I personally believe is a governmental issue: it is a societal problem; whereas, the Catholic Church’s ministry should concern itself wholly with its mystical religious teachings.
ImageWhen Christ fed the crowds of people that followed him he was not feeding them food for the body but rather food for the soul: the EUCHARISTIC MEAL. When Christ told Saint Peter “Feed my sheep” he was referring to the EUCHARISTIC SUPPER. Somehow the teachings of the New Testament have been warped into a religious social program. Why did Christ say, “LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD” if social programs were his engender???…

You can see TIME MAGAZINE’S agenda here. TIME MAGAZINE is – foaming at the mouth – hoping that Pope Francis will become soft on doctrinal beliefs. That will never happen because the Catholic Church hierarchy will not allow it. Pope Francis would never have been elected if he had not shown a lifetime of conservatism. All of TIME MAGAZINE’S praises and hopes go up in spoke because no pope is going to slap CHRIST in the face by denigrating his symbolic and mystical teachings.

If TIME MAGAZINE personnel, as a whole, have any religious tendencies whatsoever they should all be on their knees begging God, no matter what their religious affiliations, for forgiveness for being employed by a corporate entity that clearly hates God and what God stands for or why else would TIME MAGAZINE try to drive a wedge between forty million Catholics???… Why did TIME MAGAZINE publish such a sickening article???…


Esotericism: the mystical teachings of God

The purpose of this blog is to introduce my researches into Esoteric Christianity.  It is not my onus to explain myself; though, I may answer some comments in this regards.

Esotericism is highly sophisticated mathematical and grammatical science (Seven Liberal Arts) integrated into the sacred scriptures as one unified system of thought.  The average bible reader sees only the surface storyline.  This is because the laity has neither been taught the indigenous languages of the bible nor how to read the bible.

The bible is not read word for word at the speed of summer lightning; rather, it is read letter by letter in deep meditation as to what each letter(s) means (its symbolic meanings) and how several or more letters make up a word and what that word means symbolically in relationship to its letters and how it coordinate with the foundation of the SEVEN LIBERAL ARTS: Arithmetic, Music/Harmony, Geometry, Astronomy/Astrology, Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic/Dialectics.  The average reader of the bible sees only the surface grammar and not the other six liberal arts.  This is because he or she is not reading or meditating on the texts properly because the laity, for the most part, knows nothing of the Esoteric Science that pen the texts of the sacred scriptures.